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With years of dedication to the art of music and specializing in Piano and Accordion; Quality lessons are Guaranteed! Playing music with my cousin Stefan, back in the old country where it all began. I was blessed to have warm, fun-loving relatives that were musicians who regularly played at the table for family and friends in Canada and in Europe. I was exposed to this since toddlerhood and was fascinated by the joy it gave me. I soon became determined to learn it for myself. Through different stages in my life, I connected with dedicated teachers who were persistent about helping me develop my passion and talent to express myself through music. I respected their willingness to coach me and followed through with endless hours of practice to learn more and get better. It gives me great satisfaction to pass my knowledge and experience on to others. Vida took music lessons at age seven on the piano accordion. By age nine, she was learning the chromatic accordion and taking piano lessons as well. As part of her training, she entered into competitions, examinations, and performed. By age 16, while learning ear training and music theory, she completed her Collegial II McGill examination for practical piano under the instruction of the pianist Dagmar Rydlo who taught at McGill University. This was followed by completing a two-year college program as a Music Major from Marionopolis College. Vida then earned her University B.Mus degree in piano performance at McGill University studying with the renowned professor Dorothy Morton.

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VIDA IN ACTION at the Slovenian Canadian Button Accordion Championship held at Slovenski Park, July 2 and 3 2016. the Canadian Slovenian Button Accordion Championship held at Simon Gregorcic Club, in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, on August 4 and 5, 2018.


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Lessons and Advancements


level 1

Starting out may seem hard and confusing, We take that part away and add Fun to our programs to ensure success

level 2

Passing the initial hurdles of Music, and Moving on and getting ready for Advanced lessons, you can feel the excitement and progression.

level 3

You are getting ready to play professionally and want some more challenging material to master, you have come to the right place.




Vida Promise

Vida Provides the most thorough lessons in both Accordian and Piano with assured quality and professionalism. I love what I do! I have the privilege of spending time with students who want to explore the gift of music. The piano can take you there with lovely sounds where studying leads to playing. I encourage students to appreciate the ability to become their personal best at making music in a fun and welcoming environment.

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